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At LEVR, our mission is to champion next-generation access to meaningful moments, people and places. We empower fans, teams and venues with immersive content capture, cross-device distribution and media infrastructure for premium live events.

For entertainment organizations looking to amplify fan connection, sponsor engagement and revenue generation, LEVR is a proprietary technology platform and white-glove service enabling simple yet impactful integration of real-time virtual reality, 360 video and interactive 3D.

Unlike Oculus Venues or one-off production companies, LEVR:

  1. Minimizes up-front costs, external distribution ownership, brand-safety concerns and long-term commitments
  2. Maximizes the fan experience with ultra-low latency, ultra-high definition and cross-device/platform compatibility
  3. Offers versatile implementation in-venue and at-home for cross-location ROI

Our company was created in 2020 by seasoned producers, programmers and marketers who formerly worked with AT&T Entertainment, Comedy Central, EdenVR, HBO, Los Angeles Clippers, MultiDyne, NikeLab, Nikon, NYIT, NY Times, Oculus, PBA (Professional Boxing Association), Spotify, TED, Tom Ford, Top Gear, UCLA Basketball, VRenetic and VR Playhouse.

"From capture to consumption, the underlying tech of immersive media is finally able to deliver upon premature promises of decades past. Lifelike, live-action immersion experienced in real-time feels like teleportation."

Nathan Grotticelli, LEVR Founder